What’s the lead seal

Lead Seal,The kind of seal is made of high purity lead.The Lead/Wire seal is a round lead seal product which is used in conjunction with any length of pre-cut or rolls of various wire types. Sealing pliers are required to clamp the lead seal to prevent slippage. The pliers can be used in conjunction with a customised die for a bespoke sealing solution.
One of the oldest and most famous sealing is sealing by lead seals with sealing wire. The sealing wire will be pushed through the holes in the lead seal. By using a sealing plier the lead seal will be compressed. So it's a simple and fast sealing.Generally speaking, it is named “lead seal” the system to mark negatively or positively a piece of lead that can be permanently fixed by any wire or string and then moulded by pliers.A true security seal must be unique and unrepeatable, i.e. it must have a consequential numbering and personalization difficult to reproduce.
Application: Sealed meter , inspection ,showcases ,computer cases ,doors ,bags,… Lead disk
Festures : -the closure of the lead is very resistant to pressure, humidity and erosion.