Thick year taste starting from Porridge Festival

Into the lunar year, the smell of the years gradually concentrated up. The smell was spilled from the fragrant Porridge Festival noodles of the hometown. Mention Porridge Festival noodles, the modern city people are afraid to know very little, swept away the memory of dust, the past will be clearly emerging
In my hometown, the most important festival is the day, also called Porridge Festival. Every year Porridge Festival this day, each household must make a big pot of fragrant Porridge Festival noodles. Hometown there is a proverb called red and white radish like a lump, mother told you to eat Porridge Festival, pimple is the dialect of the home, meaning to eat Porridge Festival noodles first to do is Porridge Festival, this is the display of girls, daughter-in-law ingenuity, cooking skills high and low platform. The Porridge Festival of the hometown is very exquisite, is the pork, carrots, white radish, cabbage, tofu and other eight kinds of vegetables cut into the size of small finger Fontine (also known as knots), and then with green onions, garlic, fennel and other spices, with a slow stew fried together, the taste of alcohol better, do not have a taste.

Porridge Festival noodles
Do a good Porridge Festival of the son also want to roll well Porridge Festival noodles. In hometown, bride or little girl will not roll noodles is to be laughed at. First of all to and the uniform, soft and hard moderate, rolling to hold the flat, hard to evenly, first loose after the tight, first slow after fast, full of rhythm to push a pressure, the dough rolled into a thin piece of the surface. Then sprinkle a little flour on the spread of the page and fold it evenly on one layer. Cut with the knife, the tip does not leave the case, the knife slowly lift, accompanied by Deng, Deng Rhythm, can be cut into a long shape can also be cut into diamonds. Then, the water to open the pot, fishing to come, Sheng in the bowl, and then poured on the early Fry Porridge Festival, so that a bowl of color and flavor of a bowl of Shanshong, braved the heat of the Porridge Festival noodles can be on the table. If you drop a few drops of red oil in the bowl, you will be able to covet, eat up hearty, after eating the meaning is still not exhausted.