The origin of spring

The beginning of spring is not only the first solar term in the 24 solar terms, but also an important festival. In astronomical sense it marks the beginning of the spring. February 4, 2018 The sun reaches the Yellow Sox 315 ° for the beginning of spring. 
Opposition spring understanding, the ancient book "Qunfang spectrum" is explained in this way: "Legislation, the beginning of the establishment also established spring also." During the spring, the temperature, sunshine, rainfall, began to tend to rise, increased. But all this is just a prelude to spring for most parts of the country, and the prelude to spring has not really started. 
Since the Qin Dynasty, our country has been beginning with spring as the beginning of spring. Spring is divided from the astronomy, and in nature, in the minds of people, the spring is warm, flowers and birds; spring is the growth and cultivation of sowing. In climatology, spring refers to the time (5 days for the first time) with an average temperature of 10 ° C to 22 ° C. 
When spring begins, people obviously feel the day is long and the sun is warm. Temperature, sunshine, rainfall, often at the turning point of the year, tends to rise or increase. Small spring crop growing faster, rape bolting and wheat jointing water consumption increases, should be timely top-dressing fertilizer to promote growth. Farming Proverbs remind people that "the beginning of spring rain to get up early to go to bed" spring preparations also began. Although the establishment of the spring, but most parts of South China is still very cold, "Snow is too late for the spring, it is wearing the Court for the fly" scene. These climatic features should all be taken into account when planning agricultural production.

 beginning of spring