Technical requirements of lead seal

Technical requirements of lead seal
1.The printing must be clear.
2.The materials can be divided into lead seal, hemp rope or cotton rope, iron wire, etc. The specification is as follows:
(1)It is almond shape with diameter of 15mm and thickness of 5mm. There are two holes with diameter of 3mm at one side. The distance between two holes is 2mm. these two round holes are at the other side as the big hole, for the use of rope lock.
(2)The hemp rope or cotton rope should have no splice and it should be smooth and strong.
3.Plier and sealing materials used by shipper can be purchased by carrier and the shipper pays the payment.
4.Tanks should be sealed at oil filling and oil drain out mouth and screwed tightly by iron wire. Mark clearly the sealing number at goods notice, freight bill and loading list; mark clearly at the record if extra sealing at intermediate terminal.
5.Failed condition; any end of hemp rope, cotton rope, iron wire pulled out from lead seal.