Tamper seal

Yutong production of tamper-proof label is designed for on-demand printing options, can be produced according to customer needs, including product color, length, material, etc. to ensure product tampering and asset theft. When the label is tampered with, leave clear evidence. Various label options, including fracturing labels and labels, leave footprints when deleted.
When you do business, all you have to do is protect your possessions. You can make sure that your product is sealed and delivered without fear of being tampered with. These tamper-proof tags are ideal for securing expensive products and labeling electronics. If someone tries to get rid of these security tags, the label cannot be reapply, so tampering is immediately apparent. A good way to give you a little extra reassurance.
1, Avoid unnecessary interference and protect your property
2. Any tampering immediately apparent.
3, Very suitable for sealing personal belongings, electronic equipment, to prevent intruder doors, switches and containers, as well as the protection of private disc box
4, Oil resistance, splash prevention, tearing, not affected by temperature changes