Security ties

Shandong Yutong security ties are made of PP and PE, very suitable for cloth, shoes, furniture and many other items on the label, price tags, information labels. The same applies to express, container, labeling boxes, roll racks, luggage, fire extinguishers, personnel files and a variety of other sensitive space in the security protection. by manual operation. Creates a permanent connection, and the connection can only be separated by severing the link.
Safety tags and seals provide additional security in a sensitive working environment that is commonly known as tamper-proof seals, the safety products of the Yutong product range, the protection of personal belongings, and reminders of when you are tampered with. Our high quality connection range is easy to use and provides additional security layer, our products have a variety of colors, can provide custom services. With so many options, you will surely find a safe seal or label for your workplace. For more information, please contact us at: