RFID technology of seals

RFID technology refers to radio frequency identification technology. The application of this technology at railway and trucks seals displays the composition of RFID seals system, database, composition, system index, operating procedure of computer network, and advantages of RFID seals. RFID technology is a kind of communication technology, which can identify specific target and read and write related data through radio signal without the need of establishing mechanic or optical contact between identification system and specific target. Application of RFID technology at seals of railway and trucks: 
The identification system of seals of railway and trucks is wide, for example, the documents, control and communication (including automatic data processing), just like the container itself shows, the compulsory identification at container and plus automatic equipment identification AEI and optical feature of digital data exchange EDI application.
Application of RFID technology at logistics management:
So as to play an important role of RFID seals at the whole logistic supply chain, ISO TC 122 packaging technology committee and ISO TC 104 freight container technology committee establish united working unit JWG which is responsible for the formulation of logistic supply chain serials standard. RFID seals working unit formulate six application standards according to application requirements, freight container, loading unit, transportation unit, products packaging, and single item five-star logistics unit.