Production technology of plastic seals

Plastic seal is generally high-molecular compound composed of plastic, also known as macromolecule or giant molecule, also called plastic or resin, which can change shapes. There are many different structure materials of plastic seals and common plastic seal is composed of thermoplastic project plastic.
Plastic seals adopt PE as material: common used PE is divided to low pressure PE, high pressure PE, and linear high pressure PE. Among, HDPE has good thermal performance, electricity performance and mechanical performance, while LDPE and LLDPE has better flexibility, impacting performance, film-forming property, etc. LDPE and LLDPE are mainly used at packing thin film, agriculture used thin film, plastic modification etc. plastic seal uses PVC to produce, which is a kind of thermoplastic resin by PE at initiator function. It is the homopolymer of PE. PE homopolymer and PE copolymer all call PE resin. It has good elasticity and anti-impacting ability, therefore, it is commonly used as a kind of raw material of plastic seal. The function and production technology of plastic seals are shown as follows: seals adopt PP one-time injection shape, it has steel plate inside; it will not deform among below 45 and above 50; surface adopts stamping or laser printing ways to print logo, serial number, barcode, etc.; rod is 2*5 flat bar, can adjust tightness at randomly; color can be customized.