Plastic seal production process

Plastic seal production process
1.Prepare the color masterbatch for the plastic seal, and determine the color of the product.
2.Put the prepared color masterbatch into the machine.
3.Start to produce the semi-finished product of the plastic seal. The masterbatch becomes a grindstone under high temperature extrusion. Just like baking bricks, we can turn the soil into bricks under the baking of the fire. As long as the proportion of masterbatch is in place, we can make good products with good quality and good color.

Plastic seal
4.Only the machine can not make good seals. More importantly, the quality of the seal products are depending on the ability of the engineer. Production can only be continued with the approval of the engineer.
5.Place the core on the lock head of the plastic seal and cover it with the lid.
6.Then punch the lid by the machine so that the plastic seal can be firmly sealed by the cover without being damaged.
7.Print company name, number, logo on the plastic seal according to customer’s request.