Introduction to Application of bolt seal

The use of bolt seal

Trailer doors,bulk tankers,Railcars,tote boxes,Fibre drums,storage cabinets and else.

Inspection prior to applying Bolt Seals:

Inspect the seal thoroughly prior to application. This involves checking that you have the correct seal numbers, colour, physical appearance and that the seals standard markings are visible. The comparison should be made against a known authentic seal.

Advice having applied the Bolt Seal:

Once the seal is applied as directed conclude by recording the serial number and other associated procedural data such as date, time, location, person responsible for sealing, and what the seal has been assigned to secure.
bolt seal

Inspection prior to removing the Bolt Seal:

Prior to removal, inspect the seal for signs of tampering. This includes checking that you have the correct seal colour and that the appearance, inclusive of markings, is consistent with a known “authentic” seal. The seals serial number should then be verified against the recorded data.  Check the features of the High Security Bolt Seal are consistent with known authentic High Security Bolt Seal model. For example the One Seal modle should not rotate when twisting while holding the head stationary due to the anti-spin characteristic.

Advice on how to remove the Bolt Seal:

Bolt cutters or other standard bolt removal tools can be used to remove Bolt Seals. Special precautions should always be taken when removing any type of container seal. These precautions include wearing eye protection and gloves.