How to use cable seals

Cable seals are common is also the most widely used a kind of seal products, but there are many people do not know how to use, below for everyone to introduce the use of cable seals method.
1, determine the length of their own needs of the seal line, such as 10cm,15cm, can be used with plastic seals of the seal line has a package of plastic wire wire, iron thread seal line, colorful packaging line and copper wire; 2, take out a seal, generally have 3 holes: one side
cable seal
2, the other side 1, will cut the length of the seal line from 2 holes in the bottom of the hole, that is, the seal head of a hole in the base to penetrate (note also to the hole through the rotor), and then rotate one to two laps;
3, then the bottom has been fixed, and then the line of the other end of the seal line through the object you want to apply (such as the meter) outside of the 2 holes, and then through the seals on the two of the holes, and then clockwise rotating the top of the seal blade;
4, rotate until you think you can lock, stop rotating, then break off the top of the blade;
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