How to choose the Right Plastic Security Seal

There are several important factors to consider when selecting a tamper-evident plastic security seal.
Adjustable-Length Plastic Security Seals
Adjustable-length seals are the most versatile of plastic seals in that they come in a variety of lengths and strengths, and can be cinched tight to effectively secure objects. These multi-purpose seals are used across a variety of industries, including the transportation, airline, supply chain, logistics, and loss prevention industries. Their adjustability, as well as their extensive print area, makes them a practical solution for a multitude of purposes, including securing trailers, railroad cars, cabinets, ballot boxes, evidence, and valuables-in-transit.
plastic seal
Fixed-Length Plastic Security Seals
Fixed-length seals deter tampering by featuring a highly-visible and secure single locking position at a specified length. The most common versions of these seals are truck seals, twin tote seals, and padlock seals, which provide an excellent tamper-evident security solution. Fixed-length seals are especially effective and popular in the transportation, supply chain, logistics, and loss prevention industries, particularly where the print area requirements are minimal.
Security seals serve two primary and somewhat related purposes. They are a trusted and cost-effective solution to deter tampering and theft, and they help provide a sense of security and safety. The various different seal types are each designed to serve a distinct purpose, and selecting the right seal for your application means understanding each style’s distinguishing factors.
Aside from length and seal type, the tensile or break strength of a seal is an important consideration. A seal securing a first aid kit will most likely require a low break strength to provide the security of a sealed kit while offering quick and easy access. In contrast, a seal used to secure a tanker truck in extreme weather conditions would certainly benefit from a considerably higher break strength.