How to choose cable seal color

Cable seals are a type of seal products, which is used in containers, trucks, customs, tankers, container trucks, banks, and valves. It is a one-time lock, with high security and anti-imitation features.
There are many places to pay attention to in the color selection of the color of the seals. Cable seals are commonly available in red, blue, green, orange, and white. There are many colors that can be used, but the above five types are mostly used for seals covered with ABS plastic. More distinctive color cable seals can better distinguish between business and uses. For example, using red cable seals on the more dangerous valve can serve as a warning. Moreover, laser printing on these colors will be clearer, and it is also better to display the marks by hot stamping.
The color selection of cable seals should not only be clear and easy to see, but also match the industry or place of use. Compared to the use of red cable seals for valve, power companies often use orange and white wire seals. Cargo will use blue wire seals, green for common box freight. Such a color distinction is easy to use in different industries. Of course, some industries also choose to use a variety of different colors of cable seals together, using color to distinguish between management, which is more convenient and faster.