How Did the Chinese Fool's Day

Make a proper joke
April Fool's Day, as the name suggests, is a holiday that can be used to make fun of people. But you have to know that the vast majority of Chinese people are still on April Fool's Day, especially for some elderly people. If you blindly open their jokes, others may be angry. Therefore, Xiao Bian said that we must play a proper joke and open the Chinese people can accept the standard joke.
Gifts for April Fools
April Fool's Day can send some presents, especially young people can send some trick toys. Such a toy can be DIY, or you can buy it on a certain treasure. Such a gift is inexpensive and fun. Xiao Bian reminded to give gifts to see each other's character, so that the other party was shocked.

April Fool's Day
Making a fool's heart
April Fool's Day can make some delicious snacks and enjoy with friends. A small partner feels that April Fool's Day is very difficult to make snacks. In fact, it is still very good to master the methods. It only takes some effort to decorate them. There are friends who feel that they are not in a proper way. They can "point" in the snacks and take advantage of your friends.
April Fools' Day Message
How April Fool's Day is fun? In the past, all of us would send some fun text messages. Now everyone is using a circle of friends. There are fun news and pictures that can be displayed through the circle of friends. There is an endless stream of material on April Fool's Day, and you can be happy for a long time. Duan Zi hand friends can also make their own April Fool's Day joke, be careful to become the next network red oh.