Dose the cable seal with rusty wire rope still work?

The cable seal could be coated with rubber wire, because the outer layer of plastic can make the wire rope isolated from the moist air, which can prevent the steel wire from rust. However, the use of rubberized steel wire will increase the cost, and the wire rope is easy to rust without plastic. When it happens, do we need to discard and replace the cable seal?
cable seal
Cable seals with rusty wire rope still can be used, but it is very difficult when using them, because the diameter of the rusted steel wire increases, which affects the smoothness of the wire rope through the keyhole of the lock body. If the keyhole in the lock body is also rusty, it will increase the difficulty of use. In addition to affecting the sealing process, rust has no effect on the tensile strength of the wire rope and the sealing effect of the cable seal.
Therefore, if the wire rope is rusted, there is no need to replace the seals with new ones. It is possible to continue to use rusted cable seals. To avoid rusting of wire ropes, cable seals can be stored in a relatively dry environment to ensure that the sealing process is not affected.