Development of seals

Along with the rapid development of economy and traffic, the goods value is becoming larger and larger. So as the demand of seals. Before sealing, it involves handwriting paper copy. The first impression of many transportation companies and packing companies is that seals can not only bring convenience, and also make the operation regulated so as to make sure the safety of treasure and promote social harmony.  

Current traditional seals are difficult to meet the safety supervision need of goods transportation. It also has many defects:
(1)Storage, register, record, high error rate.
(2)Check the vehicle range of carrier or inspector at site, low operation efficiency.  
(3)Check by hand, impossible to realize automatic inspection. Not advanced in management.
(4)Can not use key goods or key vehicles stone peek of employer or high-level management persons, unable to master state of goods at real time, unable to provide logistics information at time.
It is not only a good identification phase, and sealing effect is also good. The development of electronic seals is also good. While each electronic seal has one unique identification code which is programmed at the time of making semi-conductor chip and is realized by laser printing. It is nonrepetitive around the world. The only code of chip can be readable through wireless non-contact way, and compare with database to judge the false and truth of seals, which makes seals more reliable and safety.