Classification of plastic seals and precautions

Plastic seal is made once by synthetic resin with thin steel disc. It can keep the same shape during below 45-50 degree and above 30-50 degree. Logo, serial number and barcode can be printed on surface by hot stamping or laser printing. The tightness can be adjusted randomly and the strength can reach ≥190N.
Plastic seal can be applied to packaging, mechanical sealing, instrument, electricity, gas, water supply, petroleum transportation, chemistry, mineral, post office, customs, railway, cabinet, transportation products processing, products inspection, barrel sealing, energy measuring, etc.
Application of Plastic seals
1.Synthetic resin 
It is the most important part of plastic. It contains 40-100%. Due to large content, it commonly determines the property of plastic, therefore, people think of resin as the synonym of plastic. For example, PVC, poly plastics, bakelite and phenolic plastic are usually regarded as the same. Actually, resin is different from plastic. Resin is a kind of unprocessed primary polymer. It can not only used to make plastic, and is also the raw material of coating, plastic seal, adhesive, and synthetic fiber. While plastic, only small amount contains 100% resin, most plastic needs add other substances besides resin.  
Filler is also called stuffing agent. It can improve the strength and heat-resistant quality of plastic, and also reduce cost. For example, adding wood flour into brakelite can greatly reduce cost, which makes brakelite to one of the cheapest plastics, and at the same time, greatly improve mechanical strength. Filler can be divided into organic filler and inorganic filler. The former is like wood flour, cloth waste, paper and all kinds of textile fiber, and the latter one is like glass fiber, diatomite, asbestos, carbon black, plastic seal, etc. Plastic seal has similarity as plastic lead seal. Which shows plastic seal is not simple plastic seal, just plastic seal is made of plastic to fasten cable lines. The two ends of plastic seal are totally different, one end is a square or round plastic mouth with hook plastic lock, and the other end is seal body with many small sawtooth. The body can bend and go through the plastic mouth and form circular. In such way, it can be fastened strongly.   Currently, plastic seals have features of low weight, durability and environmental protection, which can meet the sustainable development of society.
plastic seal
二、Notes of plastic seals at use
It plays an important role of controlling risk, reducing loss in logistics, transportation, container, cabinet, customs and all kinds of security protection industries. Therefore, customers shall pay much attention to the following points when choosing plastic seals:
1、Pay attention to color: good plastic seal does not look bright in color. Because good plastic seals integrated color inside after deep processing, in such way, plastic seal does not fade.
2、Compare weight. One good plastic seal is comparatively heavy because there are many procedures and adding many materials. Therefore weight needs to be considered.
3、Choose factories with good quality and credit. Factory has regulations in quality control, raw material purchase, products inspection. Good factories have advanced production, inspection and test equipment and strong technology and research ability.
4、Sign contract before order. Ask factory to make promise that they will not provide products with the same logo and serial number to the third party. The number is very important and sometimes need to sign confidentiality agreement.  
5、Try not to choose the ones of the same dimension/color of many factories (which is easy to duplicate, and therefore, lose the anti-proof feature). Better not to choose the one which has been applied in market for a long time. At the same time, factories with technology advantage and research capability, generally develop new products to meet market requirement. Any products have certain production cost and pay attention to some products with very low price (some factories reduce cost by reducing material).
6、Survey factory real production scale and production capability to ensure prompt delivery.