Chinese traditional solar term--lesser cold

Lesser cold weather cold, China's north-South regional span, and thus formed the local characteristics of the living customs.
lesser cold
Nanjing: Eat Paella
To lesser cold, old Nanjing will generally cook paella eat. Paella content is not the same, useful short foot Huangqingna and bacon slices, sausage slices or salted duck ding, and then chopped some ginger grains and glutinous rice together boiled, fragrant fresh and delicious.
Guangzhou: Eating glutinous rice
Guangzhou tradition, Lesser cold eat glutinous rice in the morning. In order to avoid too waxy, is generally 60% glutinous rice 40%, the bacon and sausage chopped, fried, fry cooked peanuts, add some broken onion, mix in the rice inside eat.
Tianjin: Eat yellow bud Vegetables
There are old customs of Lesser cold eating yellow bud vegetables in Tianjin area. Huang is a specialty of Tianjin, made from Chinese cabbage bud. After the winter solstice will be cut to the stems and leaves of cabbage, only to leave the heart, two inches from the ground, covering not breathable, half a month after feeding, crisp and incomparable, to make up for the lack of winter vegetables.
Enter the Lesser cold solar term, also has entered the yet, the diet to the winter to fill the main. When winter is dry and dry, medical experts remind people to pay attention to winter health, special emphasis is "nourishing kidney cold": to enrich the blood, fill the air, yin, Yang.
Blood food: tomatoes, dates and carrots, including a wealth of blood pressure-lowering substances, so that strong blood vessels, to help the circulatory system health.
Replenishing the air food: there are black beans, black sesame seeds and blueberries, including melanin, help improve the kidney, bladder and bone closely related metabolism and reproductive system functions.
Complementary Yang Food: mango, pumpkin and oranges, including vitamin C.
Nourishing Yin Food: broccoli, celery and spinach, including beneficial liver health of chlorophyll and a variety of vitamins.