Application of seals in each industry

1.Aviation industry: mainly used at duty free goods at warehouse, airport and customers. Because the price of duty free goods is very high and delivery need to pass each customs pass. And if stolen one, the compensation price and risk is very high/ therefore, aviation pays much attention. Furthermore, the delivery of food at air is also a very important subject, mainly focusing on food safety because food kitchen has distance with airport.
2. Chemistry and medicine: currently there are mainly two applications at chemical industry:
(1) Transfer-factory of raw material. For example, tank car has outside material open or in-hole cap at above so as to avoid the open during transportation.
(2) Chemical barrel used for export, especially raw material medicine or electrical chemical products with high pure.
3. Bank and cash transport industry: it is usually used for the circulation of cash of ATM. And sensitive document, personal assets storage and transportation also use.
4. Common cargo transportation and express and post office transportation: it is mostly used among each large transfer stations so as to reach real time effect when transfer. That is, when cabinet arrives, confirming cargo time will be saved so that driver and truck can leave immediately. Besides, large logistics warehouse customized goods taking in and out also adopt this system.
5. Common shipping cabinet: cabinet bullet seal, cable used at bonded warehouse, metal seal, etc.
6. After checking electricity box, fuel truck nozzle, weight, seal is used. Currently, China also faces the problem of transportation stolen, therefore, more strong cable seal fixing scheme is popular in China.