Application of RFID seals at cargo transportation

What is electronic seal
Electronic seal means if it can record van or other package is opened in secret or not and is a kind of verification technology which can verify good completeness and can automatically alarm at illegal open. It can realize automatic identification of cabinet and record related information of cargo transportation to electronic label of box to be the carrier and implement effective monitor and real-time management of cargo state and transportation information. Once it is open, computer monitoring system will get the feedback.
Electronic seal is installed at carriage switch and its use way does not differ much with traditional lock. Just it needs sealing action of long distance reader before implementation.  
Locking: drivers will lock at beginning mineral and coal, and at the time, electronic seal will record the locking time at RFID.  
Leave at start site: when van drives to electrically operated gate, RFID reader automatically reads information, and check if it is locked. And at the same time, system automatically input vehicle information to RFID and send out open gate order. For start site is not own company, use eyes to check if electronic seal is closed and without equipment investment at start equipment.  
Connect internet: start site delivers goods information and vehicle information to monitor center server through internet. This step can skip if start site is outside company. Arrive at destination site: when vehicle arrives at terminal site electronic gate, RFID reader can read seal information and judge if vehicle has other abnormal activities during transportation. If normally permitted to leave, electronic seal is in start state and initialize seal. If there is abnormal, system will automatically alarm.