Advantages of laser printing

(1)Permanence: printing will not fade out due to time and environment and printing effect is difficult to imitate and change with stronger anti-fake function, therefore, laser printing way has obvious advantages at automobile industry field which has strict requirements of traceability.
(2)Printing effect is very fine: the diameter of facula after focus can reach 0.04mm minimum or less, therefore, effect is very fine.
(3)Operation cost is low: although purchase investment of laser equipment is larger than traditional equipment, laser printing is rapid in speed, small in energy and easy to automatic management; it does not need general consumable items. As long as laser equipment can normally work, long-time continuous operation can realize. It has large advantages at cost and technical effect comparing with traditional printing ways.

laser printing with plastic seal
(4)Non-contact processing: the energy carrier of laser printing is light beam with same wave length. Beam radiates on the surface of seals, there is no mechanical stress, and there is no influence on mechanical features and no chemical pollution or noise.
(5)Strong adjustability: print at most metal or non-metal materials, therefore adopt computer intelligent control, laser equipment can rapidly adjust printing contents including barcode, QR code, etc. through software.